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I am Declan Hurley, your local Independent Councillor for West Cork. It has been a great honour for me to represent the people and communities of West Cork since 2009. Becoming a member of Cork County Council has given me a great insight into the needs of people in West Cork and the challenges that we face as a community.  

I have a proven track record of getting involved in our communities and making things happen and I will continue to work with you and the communities throughout West Cork. Have a look at just some of my involvements here. I strongly believe that when we work together on projects and issues that are important to our communities we can achieve great things.

Rural Ireland has suffered many setbacks in recent years, with a wave of emigration, the closing of many services and many other services being diminished.  That is why there is a need for an enthusiastic and committed public representative to address these challenges and advise and assist on issues that are relevant and important to you as I have done so passionately and successfully since 2009.

It is with great pride that I get to work on behalf of the people and communities of West Cork to maintain and grow its entitlements in the area of Jobs & Employment, Roads & Infrastructure, Agriculture, Fisheries & Food, Youth Services, Tourism, Health, Education, Amenities & Housing along with promoting policies that will allow reduction of property tax and commercial rates for businesses. 

Get In Touch

Cllr. Declan Hurley
Hillgrove House
Nedineagh East
Co Cork
086 363 4592
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