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West Cork Covid-19 Swab Test Centre

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

>>>>West Cork Covid-19 Swab Test Centre<<<<

The Covid-19 Swab Test Centre for West Cork is located at Ballinacarriga Community Hall, Dunmanway, Co. Cork.

Click on the link for directions.

Please note this is a drive-thru Test Centre. Do not go to a drive-thru test centre unless you are in a car and have an appointment - you will not be seen otherwise.

• Drive to the test centre.

• Stay in your car at all times.

• Follow the signs and the directions of staff.

• A healthcare worker will ask you to open your window.

• You'll be given a mask to put on your face, covering both your nose and mouth.

• They'll direct you to a test bay to take your test sample - do not get out of car.

• One healthcare worker will take your personal details - this is so we can contact you with your results.

• Another will take two swabs from inside your mouth and nose.

• You will then need to drive home and remain in self-isolation.

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